Clipp’s Top 5 best Sydney pubs

At ClippHQ, we love a challenge. And we love a drink. So what’s better than each? Yes you guessed it – combining them! So we decided to crawl through Sydney’s finest establishments – for science, naturally – to  bring you our top 5 best Sydney pubs so that you can …

New to Clipp: Market Grounds

Pay with Clipp at the Market Grounds Clipp is excited to welcome on board the Market Grounds Hotel in Perth. You can now enjoy fast, safe and easy mobile payments at this brand new Perth gem. Modern, inviting and versatile, Market Grounds will be known for more than just a great …

New to Clipp: Harold Park Hotel

Pay with Clipp at the Harold Park Hotel The Clipp team are excited to welcome on board the Harold Park Hotel in Glebe. You can now enjoy fast, safe and easy mobile payments at this Glebe pub gem. Don’t be fooled by it being older than your grandma’s grandma, this inner …

Clipp Chat at The Lord Roberts Hotel

In this latest episode of Clipp Chat, we visit the Lord Roberts Hotel in Darlinghurst. Join Steff from ClippHQ as she chats with Stephen and discovers why this Darlinghurst gem is so special.

At over 100 years old, The Lord Roberts Hotel has heritage and charm aplenty. With entertainment options galore, The Lord Roberts Hotel also features one of the best kitchens in Sydney. The staff of The Lord Roberts are incredibly friendly making this pub a great place to escape to.

The Lord Roberts Hotel is a local Gem

The Lord Roberts Hotel
The Lord Roberts Hotel – Darlinghurst local gem

Live jazz, resident DJ’s and trivia are hosted nightly at The Lord Roberts Hotel. They also discount certain food items every day, so don’t be afraid to ask what’s on special. The Lord Roberts is packed with everything you’d want from a thriving inner city hotel. The two stories contain a fully stocked main bar, restaurant and dining room, an outdoor balcony, a cocktail bar, and gaming and sports facilities. They call the cocktail bar The Green Door Cocktail Lounge. It’s the kind of fancy, dark place you can take a date for some alone time.

Check out The Lord Roberts Hotel in Clipp by clicking here.

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Clipp Chat at The Dock Redfern

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