New Clipp Venues: Stuffed Beaver Bondi & Crows Nest

Pay with Clipp at the Stuffed Beaver Bondi & Crows Nest

What’s better than a stuffed beaver? The answer has to be two stuffed beavers! The Clipp team are excited to welcome the Stuffed Beaver Bondi and Crows Nest to our mobile payment platform. Based on an authentic Canadian dive bar, with a fun and quirky atmosphere, cold beer, caesars, poutine and some of the best burgers and tacos that Sydney has to offer.

Evenings at the Beaver are usually a raucous affair with a vast mix of people enjoying the cocktails, large selection of craft beers and great food.

Fitted out with bar stools and parlour booths, the Stuffed Beaver is the perfect place to get out while keeping one – or both – eyes on the sports action showing on the big screen.

Either diner dishes out red hot wings, tacos, burgers, awesome hot dogs North American style and you’ll be able to indulge in their signature poutine, a Canadian favourite that’s sure to be a hit in Sydney. They’re simple, but delicious: hot chips loaded with gravy and melted cheese. What’s not to love, right?

Check out the Stuffed Beaver Bondi by clicking here, or the Stuffed Beaver in Crows Nest by clicking here. Visit one, or visit both – but be sure that when you visit, jump into our App and pay on your mobile with Clipp!

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