Introducing a new way to pay with Clipp: Clipp Cash

New way to pay

Clipp has launched a new way to pay at Australia’s best bars, pubs and restaurants. In Clipp’s new version 4.1 update released today, users can now buy prepaid Clipp Cash credit and use that as their payment method at Clipp venues instead of using a credit, debit or charge card or Paypal.

Clipp CEO Mr Allan Evans said “we are excited to bring this new way of paying to Clipp. Now users can save money every time they use Clipp, and many won’t have to suffer hidden stings from their banks when they use debit cards. Clipp has been working hard to deliver our users the choice to use a prepaid payment method, or pay-as-you-go as they have always done”.

Clipp’s new way to pay with Clipp Cash saves users the $1.50 Service Fee introduced last year. “The $1.50 Service Fee won’t apply when customers pay with Clipp Cash, so users can save every time they pay with Clipp Cash instead of their debit/credit card or Paypal” said Mr Evans. “New technology and a different way of processing payments means we can share the savings with our users and we are excited to bring this to market”.

Clipp Cash beats the credit card blues

Clipp’s new way to pay with Clipp Cash beats the blues that credit card holders can suffer. “It’s cheaper for us to deliver to users, so that’s the first benefit” said Mr Evans. “The second is that we won’t need to take a pre-authorisation of funds from user’s cards when they open a Clipp. Some debit card holders can have funds locked up by their bank for up to 10 days, which can be really painful for many users. The banks don’t do that with credit or charge cards so we’re glad to give Clipp users an option to easily avoid suffering this and it’s a big relief to us”. If you’d like to know more about card pre-authorisations you can read our blog article here where we run through everything you need to know about them.

Clipp Cash is easy

Clipp has made using Clipp Cash easy, with four ways to load Clipp Cash credit. The first is with a manual Top-up just like you do with a prepaid mobile phone. Users can also set up an auto Top-up so they are always ready to go when their Clipp Cash balance falls to a limit they choose. Auto Top-up settings can be changed any time from within the App and updates occur in real time. The third way to load Clipp Cash is via eGift Cards which Clipp has also launched today. When eGift Cards are redeemed they credit a user’s Clipp Cash balance. The fourth way to load Clipp Cash is by banking the savings from a Clipp Deal, a popular feature introduced in October 2017.

“We want Clipp to be easy, and make life easier for users” said Mr Evans. “So we’re excited and thrilled to bring this new prepaid way to pay so that Clipp can be easy for customers, save them money and help them to avoid the credit card blues”.

Download Clipp’s new version 4.1 from the App store or Google Play store today and pay with Clipp on your mobile!


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