New split bill features released for Clipp users

Better way to split bills

The sharer’s view of their Clipp when mates have joined

Clipp has your back. We know that when it comes to splitting bills with your mates, it’s a jungle out there. Clipp has you covered though. After all, Clipp is the fast, safe and easy way to pay at Australia’s best bars, pubs and restaurants. The team at ClippHQ have enhanced how we manage split bills and now it’s even easier, and better. We take away the pain, the guessing and the opportunity for that mate to slink away without chipping in.

CEO of Clipp, Mr Allan Evans said “Clipp users are very vocal. We get great feedback and they let us know how we can make Clipp better. Making bill splitting easier is a big deal – our users love it”.

Clipp has enhanced how it performs bill sharing. The Clipp App now shows the sharer in real time which of his/her mates has joined their Clipp, and how much their share is at any given time. As items are added to the Clipp, the bill is split dynamically and in real time. Everyone – from the sharer to the joiners are all 100% clear on what’s going on. Sharers, who initiated the Clipp have complete control. They share the Clipp, confirm who joins and if necessary, can kick joiners from the Clipp.

The joiners view of the Clipp shared with them

“Whether it’s an auto split or a manual split, the sharer can see in real time who’s in and who’s out and what their contribution is” said Mr Evans.

Clipp makes it easy for joiners as well. Everyone who is joined into the Clipp is visible, and their share of the bill is visible so it’s totally clear who is paying what. Mr Evans said “we’ve taken the ducks and drakes from the experience and made it open, transparent and easy”. If your Clipp has a Last Minute Deal, and you’re on an Auto Share bill split, all users will share in the savings automatically once the minimum spend qualifier has been triggered. Sharer and joiners will see the savings applied dynamically and of course everyone has complete vision of the whole Clipp and all the items on it.

The team at ClippHQ are working hard to deliver more exciting enhancements to the Clipp App and we look forward to making more exciting announcements in the coming months.



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