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One of life’s mysteries has to be why split bills are so hard. A myriad of obstructions arise from a simple task turning into a painful, annoying and often regrettable experience. Everyone has horror stories and cautionary tales.

We all have that friend who never seems to have cash or dodges their round when it’s their turn. Maybe they can’t find their credit card or they disappear when the bill arrives. Sometimes they they lose the ability to perform basic arithmetic to account for their share. My personal favourite is the itemiser: the person who insists on paying less because their drink didn’t have a garnish, or they had less vegetables on their plate.

How some friendships survive the split bills experience is a mystery.

Have you ever wondered if there’s an App for that? An App to make split bills easier when you’re out in bars, pubs or restaurants easy and painless? The good news is there is: it’s called Clipp.

Clipp is Australia’s leading mobile payments App for bars, pubs and restaurants. Over 130,000 Australians have used Clipp at over 650 venues and over 61% of users have named bill splitting as one of their top 3 favourite features.

CEO of Clipp Mr Allan Evans said “Clipp is single handedly saving friendships all over Australia. We’re the ultimate life hack for bars, pubs and restaurants”. Clipp users have been enjoying Clipp’s bill splitting functionality for over two years and in a recent redesign and platform upgrade Clipp has made bill splitting even better.

“Clipp has users covered with manual and auto splits. No more tense moments between friends, no more awkward conversations or arithmetic Olympics. Just simple, easy and fast payment from your mobile at your favourite venue with your favourite people”.

Clipp has been helping users so they have better experiences in their favourite venues since 2014. “Our users can leave their wallets at home, have a great night out and enjoy secure, fast and easy mobile payments at their favourite venues”. With Clipp now catering to almost every bill splitting challenge that a user might experience, Mr Evans says “we’re here to super charge your night – or day – out at your favourite venue. We have lots of new features coming, more life hacks to make our users happy and get more out of their time in bars, pubs and restaurants”.

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