Australia loves its beer more than wine

Australia is to be crowned a nation of beer connoisseurs as the findings of a recent survey aimed at discovering our nation’s changing drinking habits have revealed that it might be time for Aussies to brush up on their wine knowledge.

Clipp (, Australia’s leading deals app for bars, pubs and restaurants, surveyed 2,323 restaurant, pub and bar patrons about their drinking habits in celebration of their platforms’ relaunch. The survey asked respondents how their knowledge of beer and wine compared. Overall, 61 per cent said they could more easily name their top three beers more than their top three wines. Just 17 per cent could be considered wine aficionados, knowing their favourite wines more than their beers.

Not known as typical beer drinkers, even 1 in 3 women can name their favourite beers more than wines (35%). While beer is a clear favourite among Australians, some millennials are bucking the trend with 1 in 5 18-34-year-olds (23%) saying they know their top wines more than their beers while almost half (48%) say they’re drinking less of it in favour of wine than this time last year.

The results come as Goldman Sachs downgraded beer stocks in the United States in July, citing millennials preferring wine to beer[1], while a report from the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR) claims beer sales are sliding globally[2].

Forty-one per cent of Australians say their drinking habits have changed since this time last year – this is roughly the same in Sydney and Melbourne. One-fifth of respondents in Sydney and Melbourne are drinking more beer (22% Melbourne, 21% Sydney) than they were last year. Forty-one per cent of West Australians and 40 per cent of Queenslanders say their drinking habits have changed (20% in WA and 19% in Qld are drinking more beer), while 33 per cent of SA and ACT locals have made changes to their drinking habits since the same time last year – 33 per cent of ACT residents are drinking more beer, while 17 per cent of SA locals are drinking more wine.

Allan Evans, CEO of Clipp, says: “Our data has revealed that as a nation, Australians still prefer beer over wine. Beer is embedded in our culture, but with so many fantastic wineries here in Australia, it’s surprising to see so many of us unable to name our top wines. We are clearly a nation of beer lovers.

“Beer sales may be declining globally, but in Australia, it’s interesting to see a relatively even split between those who are drinking more beer than they were wine, and those who are drinking more wine than they were beer. We are lucky to have a great climate in Australia, where we can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in almost any weather, which might be a contributing factor.”

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