6 reasons to drink craft beer

According to a recent study by Clipp, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney have the most craft beer drinkers than anywhere else in Australia, with Melbournians coming in first at 55% of beer drinkers drinking craft beer.

If you, like my Dad, Uncle and most other family members, don’t understand the craze for craft beer – it’s all beer, am I right? – then we are here to give you six reasons (sweeping generalisations) why you should care  about craft beer, what makes it better than regular beer and in the next post six of the best venues where you can get my favourite craft beers.

Craft beer infographic

Craft Beer is Great Tasting

Craft beer by its very nature is going to taste better than mass produced beer. Each batch is produced by hand in a way that brings out the intricate flavour profiles in the beer. An interesting fact is that often even the water that is used can change the taste of the beer and craft brewers have been known to change the pH and add nutrients to water to make the beer taste better.

It is Brewed with Traditional Methods

Craft brewers use traditional methods to brew their beer. By traditional we don’t mean last century, we mean pre-industrial revolution. Apparently they had better beer back then. This may not seem like a selling point to many people but it is. Each batch is made with love and passion through a labour intensive process. Brewing with traditional methods means that there is more control in the brewing process and this generally equates to better beer. Think of it like the difference between the furniture you can pick up cheap from a huge department store and furniture lovingly hand craft by a skilled artisan.

Craft Beer is Produced with High Quality Ingredients

Generally, most craft brewers use high quality ingredients, often with a focus on the local area. Large companies have the money to import large amounts of cheap malt from around the world but a micro-brewery that does not have that much money shops locally, getting small batches of high quality ingredients. When you only need to check that a small amount of ingredients are to a significantly high standard it is easier to produce nice beer. It would be pretty difficult to find the imperfections in a huge amount of ingredients that the bigger brewers have to deal with.

Craft beer in the sunset

Craft Beer Helps Support Local Communities

They buy local products to brew their beer, they sell local, they are local. By drinking craft beer you are not giving your money to a big multinational company. Profits don’t go overseas, headquarters are not overseas. When you drink craft beer, your money stays local, supports local jobs and local communities.

Craft Breweries are Not Owned by Larger Companies (Mostly)

The general idea of a craft beer is that the brewery that brews it is mostly independent. According to the American Brewers Association, the definition of “Craft Brewery” is all about size. If more than 25% of a craft brewery is owned by a larger brewing company then it cannot claim to produce craft beer. This doesn’t stop some larger companies producing “craft beer”. I once heard someone call it faux-craft beer but in all honesty I can’t tell the difference. I don’t know why I included this as a selling point although it is (slightly) interesting.

Craft Beer has Health Benefits

Apparently, beer has some pretty fantastic health benefits which only increase with the better quality beer you drink. Beer is the most nutritious alcoholic beverage going around. That’s a little like saying getting stabbed is less painful than getting shot, but still… It has as many antioxidants as red wine and more protein and Vitamin B. It also has a heap of other nutrients, but only a google search can explain what they do. What’s more interesting than a long list of nutrients is that beer could save your life. Drinking beer in moderation makes you 31% less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or heart disease. If that isn’t a reason to start drinking craft beer then I don’t know what is.

So, you may be thinking “that’s all well and good but craft beer is more expensive”. While that usually might be the case, it’s not if you pay with Clipp. You can get up to 40% off by paying with Clipp which brings the price down considerably. You should check out Clipp, we’re pretty stoked with it.

Hopefully, that helped some of you see what you are missing out on and wait for the next post about where to find great Craft Beer.

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