Clipp’s new look iOS App offers more for users

Australia’s leading mobile payments App – Clipp – has launched a new look iOS App. The new Clipp iOS App packs more punch with extra features giving users more ways to enjoy bars, pubs and restaurants. From 4th October 2017, Clipp users on iOS enjoy a new, fresh and modern design enhancing their user experience.

CEO of Clipp Mr Allan Evans said of the new design “we spent months designing our new iOS App from the ground up. Working with our users, designers and our partners has been important to get the right flow. We also used extensive research to deliver the best App experience. In all it’s been a team effort and the feedback that we’ve had from users has been fantastic”.

While designing a new look and feel for their iOS App, the team at Clipp have rolled in a number of new features. “Our research told us our customers wanted to do more with Clipp more often, so we have listened”.

New features include enhanced bill splitting which first launched in late 2015 and allows more than 650 bars, pubs and restaurants the opportunity to help Aussies get even with cheapskate friends. “61% of our customers rate bill splitting in their top 3 favourite features. Our users have always been able to split bills manually. Now they can auto split and not worry about the arithmetic at the end of the night reducing the time to settle the bill with friends without cash, card or annoying IOUs”.

The average Clipp user saves $48 each time they use Clipp Deals. Now, users can ‘bank’ their saving as Clipp Cash to use another time at any Clipp venue. “We’re excited to give users a choice with how they consume deals: either straight up as a discount on the day, or banked to Clipp Cash to use another time. The user chooses and has total control”.

Mr Evans said the new Clipp iOS App design and features will be available on Android soon. “We’ve launched our new iOS App and web site already, and the Android version is only weeks away”.

So what’s next for Clipp? Mr Evans said “we have a development plan that stretches years into the future. We’ll be progressively launching new and exciting features that build on this new iOS App design. We want to give our users better experiences based on what they’re telling us through our research. We can’t wait to bring these new features to the Clipp”.

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